Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Another lunch another bake - a - thon!!

Today I was invited to my friend Janet's beautiful new house for lunch...I'm loving these Easter holidays and all the time I have to catch up with friends :) I decided to bake some Easter cupcakes to bring over with me.

So I thought what would be yummy and Easterie?! I decided to go with a chocolate cupcake and yellow vanilla frosting. Here they are out the oven and waiting to be frosted...I did a mixture of full size and mini ones...

......all frosted but needing some serious decoration..........
Check out this cute little cool huh? A chick made of chocolate...what more could you want??

And this is his little farm yard friend....... the final plan was to decorate with spring time chocolate animals, mini eggs and coloured flower sprinkles....

All decorated and ready to go off to Janet's....yummie!

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