Sunday, January 24, 2010

Out for a Sunday walk

Today we all headed out to walk was so cold but such a nice day for a walk. The ice was starting to thaw off the trees and I tried to photograph it but it was hard to capture, it did look really pretty though.

Ruben seemed to enjoy the walk ...even if he did snooze for most of it!!

Cool or what??

This is one of my favourite little friends Priya and Emma gave it to me

as a pressie. Thanks a million, its the best :)

Trying to be healthy!

God it just feels like Christmas went on for ever...oh and the eating that goes with it! With the cold weather and snow I'm feeling like I just ate my way through January lol! Anyway I'm trying to get in to better healthier eating habits and who says being healthy has to be boring...check out this yummie brekkie I made the other morning...pancakes, berries, fruit compote and a dusting of icing sugar.....delicious and low in fat :)

Shoes shoes and more shoes!!!

OK so my Mum loves buying shoes but she now says she loves buying me shoes instead! I'm fairly comfy in my socks but she says shoes can make an outfit...whatever that's about!!!! So check out my collection...not bad for only being around 12 weeks I guess.... these are for lazy trackie/pj days Mum says......

....and these are to wear with jeans and polo shirts or the likes........hmmmmmmmm, next Mum is gonna have me in dubes I bet!!!!

.....OK I have to admit I'm loving my runners she bought me....especially my Nike's :)

.....I know Mum loves Uggs but are you thinking she is starting to pass on her obsession??!!
...and at last but not least my Christmas slippers....well apparently these are out of season right now and according to mum your shoes must NEVER be out of season ........give me my socks any day this is way too much like hard work ha :)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

R for Rubén

Gosh its about time I got around to making a letter for my own son isn't it?? In fairness tho this mama business is turning out to be a fairly full time job...... lol! :)

Playing in the snow....

Brrrr its cold out me and my Mummy and Daddy went out for a quick play in the snow......Mum said I'm too little to stay out there long but we did have just enough time to get some pics.....what do ya think? Oh and by the way my super snuggly snow suit was a pressie from Mums friend kept me so warm today in the snow ¡Gracias Irene! x

Friday, January 8, 2010

Doing a spot of baking :)

Well at last I'm starting to learn how to multi task with a baba!! Its really hard but today I managed to do a cupcake order and be a Mama all at the same time!! Rubén is even learning how to bake too..........great, I can look forward to some help in the!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

More pressies!!

The other day I got the coolest pressie.......I'm just so spoilt!! My cousin Colin and his girlfriend Marisa (who came from a very far away place to visit me.....mum says its called America !!) called over and gave me this super trendy outfit from Baby baba friends are gonna be sooooo jealous, I just know it!!! Thanks guys :)
Then Mum came back from the shops and she had a little surprise for me.....this brillo baby grow......I don't even have to tell Daddy how much I love him now cause its written all over my clothes!!!