Sunday, March 29, 2009

My Easter Wreath

I came up with the idea of an Easter wreath ages ago, I had planned on doing a Valentines one but never got around to it...that's next years project LOL! I did some research online and in shops etc and of any wreaths i saw there was elements of each one I liked so I put all these together to make my own. It actually turned out to be loads of work but I did it over a week or so grabbing a minute when I could. It was well worth all the effort though as I absolutely love it.

I started off with a plain white polystyrene ring I bought for the bargain price of one fifty! I painted it yellow and left it to dry.

OK then it was time to seriously raid my ribbon collection!! I then began cutting and tying on different pieces all around the ring.

Phew...hard work but getting there....I love the combination of pink, yellow, lime green and purple so I tried to stick within that colour scheme. I was lucky I didn't run out of ribbon as I never imagined I would need so many pieces.

So here we are , sixty pieces of ribbon later... finished and hanging on the front door. I added in the little chick decoration I picked up last week when I was out shopping, I think he finished it off perfectly. I'm thrilled with it. I defo reckon the neighbours will be jealous! : )

My Easter Tree

So I'm finally getting around to posting some pics of my Easter Tree!! I love Easter, mind you to be honest I just love any excuse for decorating, crafting and baking!!

Here are some close ups of the decorations. hanging on the tree, Its hard to see all the different ones just from one overall photo. These twigs have been my best buy ever, each season I just have to change the decorations........perfect!

Well you know me, I'm all about ribbons and bows :) I think anything can be made more pretty with the addition of a bow! I picked up all the hand painted eggs over the years, I keep meaning to add to them by making my own but then something else always comes up!

So as I told you I cant resist placing these little fellas all over the house at Easter! of course Ive got a mix of yellow and pink ones perched at different spots all over the branches of my tree. I'm Just loving them! Last night myself and Janey were talking about our Easter Trees and Easter and we were trying to think of what comes next ....Halloween is way way to far away so we gotta think of something else to decorate for!!! Anybody got any suggestions???

Such an adorable goodie holder!

Have you ever seen a cuter goodie holder for Easter treats?? I was having a potter around Blanchardstown the other day when I spied this little fella. I just had to rehome him in my pink kitchen!! I filled him up with chocolate mini eggs and little chocolate chicks.......... mind you just have a guess how long he stayed like that with Gareth around?? :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Yellow chicks are sooo over!!!!

Well now if anybody was going to find pink chicks for Easter it was going to be me hahaha! Are these not just the best thing ever....furry?yep! Cute? Yep? Pink? Defo! These little fellas are right at home in my pink kitchen in their happy little home I made for them! :) As for my Easter wreath...well its still a work in progress but ill keep you all posted x

Monday, March 16, 2009

Getting ready for Easter crafting....

So its time to accept that Valentines day is over...I'm tempted to leave up my Valentines tree but then where would I put my Easter tree?? So rather than being sad I got Gareth into the attic to get me down all my Easter bits and started having a rummage through everything hoping for some inspiration for some new crafts! I always forget from year to year about things I have picked up ....anyway here are some of my favorite things....

This little cute bunny came tied to a packet of Marks and Spencers choccies last year. He's adorable!

Whats not to love about little furry chicks?! At Easter Time I find little homes for these guys all over the just puts a smile on your face to wake up in the morning and come down to one sitting on the banister or on the sugar bowl. or on the windowsill .... in fact anywhere!!

This is a tiny selection of ribbon I got in Michael's in Chicago....I got them in the dollar basket. imagine?! I love pretty ribbon you can do so much with it...I always reckon anything looks better with some nice ribbon :) So now that Ive got all my supplies out its time to start making a this space................. x

Cute cute cuteness :)

So myself and Iseult could have complete guilt free eating of the baking we went for a long walk around cute is Béibhinn all wrapped up and ready for our outing??!

Time to catch up on some baking.

Well at last I got some baking done this weekend....god where does the time go? It feels like ages since I baked.....anyway my sister and little one were coming for lunch so I got busy in the kitchen. I have this fab recipe for 'Warm molten-centred chocolate cupcakes' and they are easy peasy to make and so delicious. They HAVE to be eaten straight from the oven though so when you bite into the centre you get the warm gooey melted chocolate.

Ready to go in the cant see but there are big lumps of chocolate hidden in the mixture.

Out of the oven and ready for some serious decoration.

Ready for eating!!!!!

A very busy weekend!

Well the first thing I want to say is...RESRECT to all you Mummies out there its WAY harder than it looks!!!!!!! This weekend I was minding my cousin Saoirse's baby Riona, she is four months old and such a cutie! I know there is a lot to being a mummy but wow now I really get it! I picked her up on Friday and I hate to admit it but Fridays make up didn't actually come off until Saturday lunch time!!How non yummy mummy is that?! I was either making bottles, changing nappies, giving cuddles, playing or feeding ......god there just isn't enough time for you when minding a baby....or else I just haven't mastered the art! Anyway we had the best best fun and even if myself and Gareth were left a little shell shocked and wrecked we would do it all over again! Here is some pics from our adventures.....

Riona playing with her cousin Beibhinn.

Watching the Rugby!

Just chillin' !

Now who invaded our bed at six thirty Sunday morning????

Off for a walk in Lara........and that was the end of our adventures for the weekend :)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Dressing for the cold!

With this cold weather we are having it reminded me just how the American dogs dress so appropriately! We were walking around Chicago when we came across this cute dog all snuggled up and staying warm in the cold...I just had to stop and pet him( swear it was nothing to do with wanting to find out where I could buy that fab pink coat for little Betty Boo!). You can see from the bag I'm carrying too that I made sure to stock up on my Cinnabon before I came home ! :)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

A new way to get to school!!!

Ok so I reckon this is defo the new mode of transport for me!!! Cant you just see me heading off to school in the morning on this?He he he he :)