Sunday, September 27, 2009

A cake for Daniel

I also had an order this weekend for Nula's Kitchen.....It was a birthday cake for a little one year boy called Daniel. His Mum Claire didn't really mind what I made but she liked the idea of a train which I thought could be really cute so I set to work..........a few hours later full of multi coloured frosting and a very messy kitchen this is what we had....

A detail of the little carriages carrying all the goodies...yummy!

B for Brandon, M for Mia

Ive been busy working on some letters this weekend. I had a request to work within a certain colour, blue and white for a little boy called Brandon and green, purple and white for a little girl called Mia. I'm delighted with how they turned out.....If my name began with a B or an M I think id be tempted to keep them!! :)

B for Brandon....

M for Mia......

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Thanks everybody :)

Well after all the blogging about the Baby Shower preparations I suppose you want to know how it went??? It was a blast...I had so much fun, well actually I hope everybody did :) I was spoilt rotten by my friends and of course my hubby(who was banished from the house once Janey was finished with him!! I'll explain...). I got up at half nine on the morning of the party and that means so did Gareth lol..we got busy making yummie turkey,lettuce and cranberry sambos and also egg mayo ones. I packed the gift bags and set them up at the door and next thing it was time for me to be evicted!! I was sent off to get in get my hair and make up done....oh just perfect!
By the time I got back everything was ready, Janey and Gareth had been super busy and then came along Melody and Saoirse to help out with everything...sure next you know there were guests at the door :) So we ate until we could eat no more, played games, and we giggled and chatted all afternoon like only girls are some pics of the events....

This was the prize table.....if you won a game you could choose from Cath Kidston goodies like gardening gloves and pretty tea towels, hand made pictures made buy moi!, amazing handmade jewelery made by Janey and a goodie box consisting of mini cupcakes and truffles.

Here is Chloe very busy competing for the very coveted prizes pictured you had 30 seconds to pair the most amount of baby socks, oh what a giggle :) Leonie ended up being the real champion at this game pairing a whopping 11 pairs.

Here are photos of Me with my very good friends Nicola and Pauline....

...Sinead and Catherine.....


....Nicola and Fiona....thanks for taking all the pics Fi x

Here are Gail, Leonie and Deirdre chillaxing!

Myself and Sarah.

Lucky lucky me opening gifts from my super generous friends.

Just check out this gorgeous gift Fiona gave me.....does it not just scream Nula??? cute and cats.......oh just perfect!

Would you just look at all the gifts I received god Ill bet everyone wishes they had friends like me!!!

Oh such a shame its all over, I cant believe it...oh well the best is yet to come. Only for my wonderful friend Janey, and just as wonderful husband Gareth and fab cousin Saoirse it would have never happened. Thanks guys !!! :)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Decorating, baking and preparing for my Baby Shower

So getting ready for the Baby Shower was so much fun......there was just so much to do........make name tags...make gift bags......bake...decorate the house...organise prizes for the games..... so where do I start......OK so maybe with making name tags for every guest....... these I made with die cut paper nappy pins, glitter ink and stampers card paper, cute eh?

Then I started making the gift bags.....these were just little plain white paper bags that I stamped, filled with a cupcake and piece of rocky road, folded over and sealed with ribbon and a hand made gift tag.

Next then was the job of decorating, I decided to make a start and then leave some for Janey to do also. I had seen this gorgeous idea on an American website of making a washing line and hanging out tiny baby bodies on it as decoration. I went to Avoca and bought a packet of those old style dolly clothes pegs and painted them pink and blue. I then raided babs drawers, or rather my hospital bag for some tiny bodies!

I went up to my Easter supplies and fished out my Easter wreath and with a few alterations we had a Baby shower wreath to hang on the front door.

Then time to decorate the table and the window sill behind it....all that was needed for the window sill was a few empty bottles, fresh white flowers and a bit of blue and pink ribbon...and voila!!

Then for the table...well I knew the baking alone would be great decoration, and the table cloth....which was a piece of fabric I bought online from America and Janey stitched up for me...but the best was yet to come, The Wish Tree Janey made for me. Just look at how beautiful it was. The idea was that every guest took a tag from the tree, wrote a wish for myself and Gareth on it and placed it back on the tree. Just gorgeous :)

She also made up this beautiful collection of jars that spelt out Baby Shower which were placed in front of the Wish tree.

So now for the baking......Well I reckon when baking for a Baby Shower its all really about the pink and blue is it not?? Oh and anything cute with a bit of glitter on top would never go astray either......... so wait and ill show you what I baked up....

... some Baby shower themed cupcakes with carriages, nappy pins and bottles....

..and some very cute mini cupcakes.....

...some pink and blue mini meringues....

......and then some chocolate caramel hearts and handmade truffles....oh yummiee

Phew some preparations eh??But I think totally worth it :)

Baby Shower Invitations

So I'm always one for a party...especially when it involves lots of crafting, planning and baking :) better still when your friends tell you its all in your honour!! Janey and Saoirse told me they wanted to do a Baby Shower for me back in July and I was just so excited about it. I know traditionally I shouldn't have been involved in the preparations but with all this spare time on my hands these days and both Saoirse and Janey with small babies they couldn't keep me from helping! So it all began with making invitations............

Being an American tradition Baby Shower invitations are impossible to source here so I looked on ebay and found some but none as cute as I wanted so I decided to make them myself...whats cuter than a little baby nappy eh?? I bought some fab paper, ribbon, safety pins and got busy making nappy invitations.
Inside the nappy I had placed some little die cut bears that would fall out when you opened up the invitation........then all the details for the party would be revealed...yipeeeeeeeeee.

Here is a selection of finished invitations all ready for posting. I bought a packet of cute Baby Shower stampers online and pimped up some plain white envelopes :) I sealed the back of them with little safety pin stickers in pastel colours which I also sourced online.

Nothing left to do but go on a trip to the post box! :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Making Bunting

I love anything pretty as you all know so I wanted some nice bunting for my Baby Shower that was coming up...I looked all name it..but I wasn't falling in love with any of them. We were thinking of a cake theme for the shower as it tied in so well with the "Baby Shower afternoon tea" plan so I decided if all else fails make it yourself!! I set about finding cute fabric...of course I checked our own hickeys, Inspiring Ideas etc but there was nothing so it was back to searching online. I found the cutest packet of fabric scraps....look at the description alone "10 pcs Kawaii Japanese Fabric Scraps (Yummy sweets Prints, Macaroon, short cake, cupcake, strawberry cake and many more" ......oh sold to the lady planning the shower!!! It arrived all the way from Japan in record time and I got to work.

As they were all square scraps all Ihad to do was trim them all to the same size and then cut them into triangles...

...then as I was left with all raw edges they needed to be finished with ribbon....oh how I love dipping into my ribbon supplies..... came a lot of measuring, cutting, ironing and hard work! :)
At last....finished and hung up for the shower, oh I don't think Ill ever want to take it down!