Thursday, July 30, 2009

So who has the best husband then????

Right, much as I hate to admit defeat the task of bending over is becoming waaay to much for me these days with an ever expanding belly. The other day I was in serious need of a french manicure on my toes and I had full intentions of managing myself but alas it was just not to be...cue the entrance of my hubby!!! He very romantically offered to do it for me :). So I was thinking if he can work on satellites that go on rockets that are sent to space he soooooo can manage a french manicure....oh how right I was!!

OK so he did need a bit of direction but in fairness very little. What a man eh?! My sister wonders is there anything he actually cant do!

The finished job....he even did the super shiny top coat!

All flip flopped and ready to they are serious fancy toe nails even if I may say so myself :)

Another order for Nula's Kitchen....

Check out this gift box of goodies....would you not just love to be on the receiving end of this gift??!! As you can see it contained 10 mini cupcakes and a selection of hand made truffles...I did a mixture of plain and milk chocolate truffles with a selection of coatings such as almond flakes, coca, crushed walnut and chocolate shavings. Yummy!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Trying out a new recipie.

OK so you know I'm a sucker for a nice looking recipe so the other day when I was getting my hair done I spotted a recipe called "Raspberry sweethearts" in a mag......perfect cause I just LOVE raspberries and sure you know what I'm like for anything heart shaped!! I decided I just had to have the recipe so fortunately for me the page just fell out of the magazine and into my handbag!!! Apparently, according to the magazine they are as common as fairy cakes in Australia....I must ask Janey about that now, mind you she was my taster guinea pig and never mentioned anything!!

What I love about them....well apart from the fact that they look cute :) is that one of the ingredients is ground almonds and lately I have had a serious thing for anything almond flavoured...especially the almond croissants from Starbucks! The grated zest from a lemon is also part of the recipe and when you taste them you can just get a nice kick of lemon off them not too overbearing at all, I love that. The thing about them is that they MUST be served hot, otherwise you don't get the yummy warm raspberries just melting in your mouth. I actually think they would also be delicious served maybe with a dollop of cream....god I'm giving myself a serious goo for them now!!!! So to finish off you just give them a good dusting of icing sugar and your all set.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cookie mad!

Well it seems to all about the birthdays these days....its just been my brothers earlier on this month. Of all of my goodies I bake these pecan cookies are his absolute favourite. They are quite yummy if i may say so myself :)

I made him a cookie jar too to house his cookies! You know its actually hard to decorate for a boy......they sooo don't feel the same way about glitter as we do!!

C for Caomhog, S for Seoladh

It was recently both of my little nieces birthdays so I have been busy creating some letters for their new room. One for each of them. They both love anything pretty so I maxed out on glitter, hearts, name it.

I painted on to the edges some glitter heart glue that I got in the states. I also added on some cute buttons i picked up in 'A Rubanesque' in town.

This is the S I did for Seoladh. I went with a bugs and butterfly theme. I'm just wondering how long before she pulls those little paper butterflies off?! I just love that pink the last bit I have and I also bought it in the States..oh well that just means I have gotta go back :)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Our new furry friends!

Would you just look at these ADORABLE day old chicks??! Arne't they the cutest thing ever? You would never believe how close they came to not making it......wait till I tell you their story....

Yesterday my sister Iseult went out to check on these little guys as she knew they were beginning to hatch the day her horror their mummy was lying on the ground dead as a dodo and the six little chicks were cold and scared and all alone in the world :( One of them wasn't even fully hatched out and just his little feet were sticking out of his shell. Well , Iseult, the biggest mother hen of us all broke away gently the shell and took the last guy out and together with his 5 brothers and sisters put them up her t shirt to keep them warm while she came up with a plan!!

She went looking for her Lizard incubator(yes she used to have lizards!)...... rooted out the heat lamps ....learned how to wire a plug off the Internet....wired it all up.....screwed in the lamps and way hey the little fellas had a new warm and cosy home! She even put in the thermometer from Beibhinns grobag to keep an eye on the temperature! Look closely at the last pic and you can see it! What a mummy eh?!

So today myself and Gareth went to visit them and of course I wanted to take some home!! I really don't think the little lady Betty Boo would be too happy with that tho! They also did themselves no favours by pooing on Gareths hand when he picked up one for a cuddle ha ha ha :) !