Friday, June 19, 2009

We are moving!!!

OK well maybe not...bit I wish!! Yesterday as I was out having a potter I came across this cute cute cutsie house...does it not just have Nula's House just written all over it?! Oh I would move tomorrow!! I put the proposal to Gareth who was just wondering where myself , himself, Betty and Baba Curran would fit??!! So I'm thinking......could I just have it in the garden and go on my holidays there????Cool huh? Lol :)

Monday, June 15, 2009

A Christening and a Birthday.

This weekend I was busy with two big orders from Nula's Kitchen and I also was working on a birthday pressie for my little niece. The first order was for a christening for a little girl called Eva....

...these days people seem to be going for cupcakes instead of the more traditional cakes for birthdays, weddings and obviously...christenings! I think they are way more fun and much cuter. Then I guess I am very biased! Anyway Eva's mom wanted a pink and white them, 16 to be personalised and nine extra cupcakes to be decorated whatever way I huh? I got a delivery of new edible glitter this week , I couldn't decided what colour to order so I orderes 5 different ones!! As it was a little girls christening I played around with the pink and white glitters and added some hearts, flowers and pretty things! The glitter doesn't seen to come out to great in the photos but if you look close you can see it on the Eva a bit better.

Part of another order I had this weekend was for birthday cupcakes. It was for a little girl called Keelan who loves everything pink and cute......this is the box that got delivered to her on the morning of her Birthday! She was delighted and even gave me a big hug to say thank you :)

Ok so now I think I'm nearly officially Cupcaked out! LOL! x

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Graduation time :)

Its that time of year again thank god!!!......graduation means school holidays for me - yippee! This year I have such a lovely bunch of 6th years that I wanted to do something nice for them in our last Spanish class so I got busy baking. I had an idea to do little graduation cupcakes so I had a little think and a few packets of after eights, smarties and fizzy shoelaces later I had a plan.

Here are the little cuties...I just love them :). They were so easy to make that ill defo do them again. They must have lasted all of about 5 seconds and the kids had them devoured! I reckon that's always a good sign!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sooo busy...

Well since I launched Nula's Kitchen I have just been so so busy! Sure you can see that from my lack of blogging!! This weekend alone I had an order for a BBQ (the photo above are the boxed goodies ready to go out), a Birthday party for a one year old little girl, a Farewell party and an End of Year school party..... phew!! Every order was different but as always cupcakes played a big part!! My mini ones were big in demand this weekend :)

I think the fine weather has given everybody the feeling of summer so I had a few orders for mini and full size meringues. These are some mini ones just out of the oven ........

...and here they are chocolate dipped and filled with cream, yum!

Here is another photo this time of an order of Mini pink cupcakes and a batch of Rocky Road ready for delivery. Well I did tell you I have been very busy!!