Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sooo busy...

Well since I launched Nula's Kitchen I have just been so so busy! Sure you can see that from my lack of blogging!! This weekend alone I had an order for a BBQ (the photo above are the boxed goodies ready to go out), a Birthday party for a one year old little girl, a Farewell party and an End of Year school party..... phew!! Every order was different but as always cupcakes played a big part!! My mini ones were big in demand this weekend :)

I think the fine weather has given everybody the feeling of summer so I had a few orders for mini and full size meringues. These are some mini ones just out of the oven ........

...and here they are chocolate dipped and filled with cream, yum!

Here is another photo this time of an order of Mini pink cupcakes and a batch of Rocky Road ready for delivery. Well I did tell you I have been very busy!!

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