Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Well most of you know about my berries and rice diet Ive been put on by the Chinese medicine man to cure my morning I got seriously bored of it and decided to stray...big time :) Anyway It wasn't whats a girl to do? Well bake a batch of fresh croissants of course!

I did cheat...I admit it.......I bought pre made croissant mixture but then added a bit of this and a bit of that .......I wanted some variation so I made three different types......almond(which I reckon has been my pregnancy craving!), chocolate and cinnamon...yum. All very easy peasy.....for the chocolate I just put a few squares of chocolate into the croissant before I rolled it up and then drizzled melted chocolate over it. For the almond I brushed the pastry inside with melted butter then sprinkled it with ground almond and sugar , rolled it up put a sugar glaze on it and sprinkled some chopped almonds and icing sugar. on top. Then finally for the cinnamon one I brushed the inside with butter, added Cinnamon sugar, rolled up the pastry and sprinkled more cinnamon sugar on top.

Then for the tasting test ha ha :) I loved them all, Gareths favourite was the chocolate surprise there then! I think I loved them all but I really loved the cinnamon, then I reckon you cant beat cinnamon with anything. I don't think this will be an every day brekkie or else someone will have to do some serious walking around Lara!!

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