Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My new press

For ages now I have needed more storage in my Kitchen...with all this baking I'm taking up so much of the presses with my ingredients! So I didn't know what to do or what to buy as my kitchen isn't huge. I have this tiny space beside the kitchen door that would be perfect but it is quite tiny so I reckoned it would be impossible to find the size press I needed.

Anyway I looked in a few places and was beginning to think all hope was lost when we had a thought...IKEA. Now this defo wasn't the best of ideas in that the day we went ( a Monday at 12 which I thought would be safe!) the world and its mother also decided to pop along for what seemed to be nothing but a look at each and everything in the shop!!! We had actually gone along for something else but happened to come across the ideal I admit it was going to need a little bit of pretty - ing up for sure.......

OK so here we are...not the most Nula looking press in the world....kind of white and plain but in fairness a great fit and it had tons of storage space so, I also choose to have one frosted door and one plain and you will see why.................i had some fab fabric I bought a while ago, I bought it with nothing in particular in mind, it was just gorgeous. How cute is this little cow?!!

I also had a serious amount of pretty storage tins ( which I have a serious weakness for ) which had been hidden away in presses for waaaay too long.

So I put the tins on display in the top part with the frosted glass and got sewing . I wanted to put the fabric behind the boring glass pane on the bottom half of the press. The pattern on the fabric was running the wrong way so I had to do a bit of cutting and sewing.

Then I wanted to find some cute ribbon to add to it .....

Eventually it all came together with a bit of help from my right hand man!!!!!! So what do ya think???? I am soo lovin it :)

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