Monday, July 27, 2009

Trying out a new recipie.

OK so you know I'm a sucker for a nice looking recipe so the other day when I was getting my hair done I spotted a recipe called "Raspberry sweethearts" in a mag......perfect cause I just LOVE raspberries and sure you know what I'm like for anything heart shaped!! I decided I just had to have the recipe so fortunately for me the page just fell out of the magazine and into my handbag!!! Apparently, according to the magazine they are as common as fairy cakes in Australia....I must ask Janey about that now, mind you she was my taster guinea pig and never mentioned anything!!

What I love about them....well apart from the fact that they look cute :) is that one of the ingredients is ground almonds and lately I have had a serious thing for anything almond flavoured...especially the almond croissants from Starbucks! The grated zest from a lemon is also part of the recipe and when you taste them you can just get a nice kick of lemon off them not too overbearing at all, I love that. The thing about them is that they MUST be served hot, otherwise you don't get the yummy warm raspberries just melting in your mouth. I actually think they would also be delicious served maybe with a dollop of cream....god I'm giving myself a serious goo for them now!!!! So to finish off you just give them a good dusting of icing sugar and your all set.

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  1. Just looking through old post - do you happen to have the recipe? These look great, and would be a good idea for Valentine's Day.