Saturday, July 11, 2009

Our new furry friends!

Would you just look at these ADORABLE day old chicks??! Arne't they the cutest thing ever? You would never believe how close they came to not making it......wait till I tell you their story....

Yesterday my sister Iseult went out to check on these little guys as she knew they were beginning to hatch the day her horror their mummy was lying on the ground dead as a dodo and the six little chicks were cold and scared and all alone in the world :( One of them wasn't even fully hatched out and just his little feet were sticking out of his shell. Well , Iseult, the biggest mother hen of us all broke away gently the shell and took the last guy out and together with his 5 brothers and sisters put them up her t shirt to keep them warm while she came up with a plan!!

She went looking for her Lizard incubator(yes she used to have lizards!)...... rooted out the heat lamps ....learned how to wire a plug off the Internet....wired it all up.....screwed in the lamps and way hey the little fellas had a new warm and cosy home! She even put in the thermometer from Beibhinns grobag to keep an eye on the temperature! Look closely at the last pic and you can see it! What a mummy eh?!

So today myself and Gareth went to visit them and of course I wanted to take some home!! I really don't think the little lady Betty Boo would be too happy with that tho! They also did themselves no favours by pooing on Gareths hand when he picked up one for a cuddle ha ha ha :) !

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