Thursday, July 30, 2009

So who has the best husband then????

Right, much as I hate to admit defeat the task of bending over is becoming waaay to much for me these days with an ever expanding belly. The other day I was in serious need of a french manicure on my toes and I had full intentions of managing myself but alas it was just not to be...cue the entrance of my hubby!!! He very romantically offered to do it for me :). So I was thinking if he can work on satellites that go on rockets that are sent to space he soooooo can manage a french manicure....oh how right I was!!

OK so he did need a bit of direction but in fairness very little. What a man eh?! My sister wonders is there anything he actually cant do!

The finished job....he even did the super shiny top coat!

All flip flopped and ready to they are serious fancy toe nails even if I may say so myself :)

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