Sunday, March 29, 2009

My Easter Tree

So I'm finally getting around to posting some pics of my Easter Tree!! I love Easter, mind you to be honest I just love any excuse for decorating, crafting and baking!!

Here are some close ups of the decorations. hanging on the tree, Its hard to see all the different ones just from one overall photo. These twigs have been my best buy ever, each season I just have to change the decorations........perfect!

Well you know me, I'm all about ribbons and bows :) I think anything can be made more pretty with the addition of a bow! I picked up all the hand painted eggs over the years, I keep meaning to add to them by making my own but then something else always comes up!

So as I told you I cant resist placing these little fellas all over the house at Easter! of course Ive got a mix of yellow and pink ones perched at different spots all over the branches of my tree. I'm Just loving them! Last night myself and Janey were talking about our Easter Trees and Easter and we were trying to think of what comes next ....Halloween is way way to far away so we gotta think of something else to decorate for!!! Anybody got any suggestions???

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