Monday, March 16, 2009

Getting ready for Easter crafting....

So its time to accept that Valentines day is over...I'm tempted to leave up my Valentines tree but then where would I put my Easter tree?? So rather than being sad I got Gareth into the attic to get me down all my Easter bits and started having a rummage through everything hoping for some inspiration for some new crafts! I always forget from year to year about things I have picked up ....anyway here are some of my favorite things....

This little cute bunny came tied to a packet of Marks and Spencers choccies last year. He's adorable!

Whats not to love about little furry chicks?! At Easter Time I find little homes for these guys all over the just puts a smile on your face to wake up in the morning and come down to one sitting on the banister or on the sugar bowl. or on the windowsill .... in fact anywhere!!

This is a tiny selection of ribbon I got in Michael's in Chicago....I got them in the dollar basket. imagine?! I love pretty ribbon you can do so much with it...I always reckon anything looks better with some nice ribbon :) So now that Ive got all my supplies out its time to start making a this space................. x


  1. It's that time of year again!!! I love easter and at the weekend I collected all my twigs and branches for my easter tree. I can hardly wait to decorate it...but first I want to make all the decorations...any ideas??

  2. That anonymous comment was from me!!