Monday, March 16, 2009

A very busy weekend!

Well the first thing I want to say is...RESRECT to all you Mummies out there its WAY harder than it looks!!!!!!! This weekend I was minding my cousin Saoirse's baby Riona, she is four months old and such a cutie! I know there is a lot to being a mummy but wow now I really get it! I picked her up on Friday and I hate to admit it but Fridays make up didn't actually come off until Saturday lunch time!!How non yummy mummy is that?! I was either making bottles, changing nappies, giving cuddles, playing or feeding ......god there just isn't enough time for you when minding a baby....or else I just haven't mastered the art! Anyway we had the best best fun and even if myself and Gareth were left a little shell shocked and wrecked we would do it all over again! Here is some pics from our adventures.....

Riona playing with her cousin Beibhinn.

Watching the Rugby!

Just chillin' !

Now who invaded our bed at six thirty Sunday morning????

Off for a walk in Lara........and that was the end of our adventures for the weekend :)

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  1. Do it all over again my ass!! my child looks like a smudge! x