Sunday, May 17, 2009

Operation cupcake!

Well as I was telling you I had a work lunch to bake for and I also had a birthday order for a dozen cupcakes so it was all about the cupcakes Thursday night in our house! This is a selection of the decorated cupcakes, I had great fun with the sprinkles, glitter dust, candy hearts, marshmallows and melted chocolate as you can see. Part of the birthday order was for seven of the cupcakes to spell out the name Georgia as it was a gift for her so I set about customising.....

....first of all I melted some white chocolate and set it in heart shaped mini silicone molds. Once they were fully set I melted some plain chocolate and pipped on the little letters to make up the name. Then all I had to do was place the little hearts onto the swirls and decorate them.

Here they are packed up and ready to go. To make up the dozen I also included some chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting and pink glitter dust and candy hearts, Vanilla frosting with gold stars, yellow frosting with coloured candy circles and vanilla frosting with pink heart sprinkles.

Its hard to see the detail close up when the cupcakes are packed together in a box so here are a few photos.

Well you just cant have pretty cupcakes in a not so pretty box so I bought a plain box and fancied it up myself with some cupcake stampers, glitter, a felt heart, a nice pink ribbon and a handmade gift tag :) Now , at last it was all ready for the birthday girl!!!

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