Monday, May 4, 2009

Some dessert anyone??

Well it all started off with a full fruit dish ha ha ha...but it actually really did. I got up this morning and thought what could I do with all that yummy fruit?? :) I decided to make a fresh fruit salad and then got a bit carried away....... so I chopped, peeled and prepared some fruit... pomegranate, apples, plums and a pineapple. I was left with a lovely looking pineapple shell so I filled it with the fruit salad and served it with cream...then I decided I wasn't quite finished as I had some fruit leftover and had Janey, Peter and Finn coming over for a cup of tea and a catch up so...I whipped up a pavlova....

I covered it with cream, filled it with the fruit, pipped more cream around the edges and drizzled melted chocolate over it all....yummy! Even with the four of us (and actually with Gareth and Peter its really six!) I had loads leftover so I dropped some in to our neighbours and best Betty sitters Leonie and James! I think the neighbourhood was well fed tonight !!

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