Saturday, May 2, 2009

Trying out a new recipie.

OK so Gareth has a charity coffee morning coming up in his work so I was thinking of what I would bake.....everybody loves Rocky Road so I about combining Rocky Road and a cupcake??Yummy :) I was googling for ages for inspiration and I found a cupcake with caramel frosting with marshmallows, melted chocolate, caramel sauce and chopped nuts. The frosting was made with a basic butter cream flavoured with caramel essence but after looking everywhere I discovered you cannot buy caramel essence here! So I was gonna have to make it from is how it all went...

A bit of this and a bit of that...the basis for the frosting...

...mixing up the vanilla cupcake base..... cant really see from the photo but the mixture was so so yellow because I made it with a totally free range egg my sister brought me up from her chickens...

Here are the little vanilla bases all ready to be frosted.

Here is one frosted with the caramel frosting and decorated with my new edible glitter dust. I went on a little shopping spree in a baking shop today. I got this glitter dust in gold and pink(obviously!!) and some new nozzles for my piping bag and cookie cutters :)

Here are three different variations I did on the caramel frosting....plain caramel with glitter dust, Rocky Road with melted chocolate and caramel sauce, grated chocolate with a chocolate spiral.

This photo includes another topping...melted chocolate with glitter dust. You could make up different combinations all night really!

This is what Gareth was then faced with for the tasting test...I wanted to know which was his favourite combination but after getting through half the plate he said he loved them all!! Gosh doesn't he just always say the right things!! I still haven't tasted one..its funny how after you spend so long making them your not even in the mood to eat them yourself afterwards :)

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