Saturday, September 26, 2009

Thanks everybody :)

Well after all the blogging about the Baby Shower preparations I suppose you want to know how it went??? It was a blast...I had so much fun, well actually I hope everybody did :) I was spoilt rotten by my friends and of course my hubby(who was banished from the house once Janey was finished with him!! I'll explain...). I got up at half nine on the morning of the party and that means so did Gareth lol..we got busy making yummie turkey,lettuce and cranberry sambos and also egg mayo ones. I packed the gift bags and set them up at the door and next thing it was time for me to be evicted!! I was sent off to get in get my hair and make up done....oh just perfect!
By the time I got back everything was ready, Janey and Gareth had been super busy and then came along Melody and Saoirse to help out with everything...sure next you know there were guests at the door :) So we ate until we could eat no more, played games, and we giggled and chatted all afternoon like only girls are some pics of the events....

This was the prize table.....if you won a game you could choose from Cath Kidston goodies like gardening gloves and pretty tea towels, hand made pictures made buy moi!, amazing handmade jewelery made by Janey and a goodie box consisting of mini cupcakes and truffles.

Here is Chloe very busy competing for the very coveted prizes pictured you had 30 seconds to pair the most amount of baby socks, oh what a giggle :) Leonie ended up being the real champion at this game pairing a whopping 11 pairs.

Here are photos of Me with my very good friends Nicola and Pauline....

...Sinead and Catherine.....


....Nicola and Fiona....thanks for taking all the pics Fi x

Here are Gail, Leonie and Deirdre chillaxing!

Myself and Sarah.

Lucky lucky me opening gifts from my super generous friends.

Just check out this gorgeous gift Fiona gave me.....does it not just scream Nula??? cute and cats.......oh just perfect!

Would you just look at all the gifts I received god Ill bet everyone wishes they had friends like me!!!

Oh such a shame its all over, I cant believe it...oh well the best is yet to come. Only for my wonderful friend Janey, and just as wonderful husband Gareth and fab cousin Saoirse it would have never happened. Thanks guys !!! :)


  1. Have to say hon,the blog looks great,the pics are fab!!!;)
    Fi xxx

  2. Such a lovely baby shower. You are very lucky to have such wonderful family and friends.