Friday, September 25, 2009

Baby Shower Invitations

So I'm always one for a party...especially when it involves lots of crafting, planning and baking :) better still when your friends tell you its all in your honour!! Janey and Saoirse told me they wanted to do a Baby Shower for me back in July and I was just so excited about it. I know traditionally I shouldn't have been involved in the preparations but with all this spare time on my hands these days and both Saoirse and Janey with small babies they couldn't keep me from helping! So it all began with making invitations............

Being an American tradition Baby Shower invitations are impossible to source here so I looked on ebay and found some but none as cute as I wanted so I decided to make them myself...whats cuter than a little baby nappy eh?? I bought some fab paper, ribbon, safety pins and got busy making nappy invitations.
Inside the nappy I had placed some little die cut bears that would fall out when you opened up the invitation........then all the details for the party would be revealed...yipeeeeeeeeee.

Here is a selection of finished invitations all ready for posting. I bought a packet of cute Baby Shower stampers online and pimped up some plain white envelopes :) I sealed the back of them with little safety pin stickers in pastel colours which I also sourced online.

Nothing left to do but go on a trip to the post box! :)

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