Friday, September 25, 2009

Decorating, baking and preparing for my Baby Shower

So getting ready for the Baby Shower was so much fun......there was just so much to do........make name tags...make gift bags......bake...decorate the house...organise prizes for the games..... so where do I start......OK so maybe with making name tags for every guest....... these I made with die cut paper nappy pins, glitter ink and stampers card paper, cute eh?

Then I started making the gift bags.....these were just little plain white paper bags that I stamped, filled with a cupcake and piece of rocky road, folded over and sealed with ribbon and a hand made gift tag.

Next then was the job of decorating, I decided to make a start and then leave some for Janey to do also. I had seen this gorgeous idea on an American website of making a washing line and hanging out tiny baby bodies on it as decoration. I went to Avoca and bought a packet of those old style dolly clothes pegs and painted them pink and blue. I then raided babs drawers, or rather my hospital bag for some tiny bodies!

I went up to my Easter supplies and fished out my Easter wreath and with a few alterations we had a Baby shower wreath to hang on the front door.

Then time to decorate the table and the window sill behind it....all that was needed for the window sill was a few empty bottles, fresh white flowers and a bit of blue and pink ribbon...and voila!!

Then for the table...well I knew the baking alone would be great decoration, and the table cloth....which was a piece of fabric I bought online from America and Janey stitched up for me...but the best was yet to come, The Wish Tree Janey made for me. Just look at how beautiful it was. The idea was that every guest took a tag from the tree, wrote a wish for myself and Gareth on it and placed it back on the tree. Just gorgeous :)

She also made up this beautiful collection of jars that spelt out Baby Shower which were placed in front of the Wish tree.

So now for the baking......Well I reckon when baking for a Baby Shower its all really about the pink and blue is it not?? Oh and anything cute with a bit of glitter on top would never go astray either......... so wait and ill show you what I baked up....

... some Baby shower themed cupcakes with carriages, nappy pins and bottles....

..and some very cute mini cupcakes.....

...some pink and blue mini meringues....

......and then some chocolate caramel hearts and handmade truffles....oh yummiee

Phew some preparations eh??But I think totally worth it :)

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