Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Making Bunting

I love anything pretty as you all know so I wanted some nice bunting for my Baby Shower that was coming up...I looked all name it..but I wasn't falling in love with any of them. We were thinking of a cake theme for the shower as it tied in so well with the "Baby Shower afternoon tea" plan so I decided if all else fails make it yourself!! I set about finding cute fabric...of course I checked our own hickeys, Inspiring Ideas etc but there was nothing so it was back to searching online. I found the cutest packet of fabric scraps....look at the description alone "10 pcs Kawaii Japanese Fabric Scraps (Yummy sweets Prints, Macaroon, short cake, cupcake, strawberry cake and many more" ......oh sold to the lady planning the shower!!! It arrived all the way from Japan in record time and I got to work.

As they were all square scraps all Ihad to do was trim them all to the same size and then cut them into triangles...

...then as I was left with all raw edges they needed to be finished with ribbon....oh how I love dipping into my ribbon supplies..... came a lot of measuring, cutting, ironing and hard work! :)
At last....finished and hung up for the shower, oh I don't think Ill ever want to take it down!

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