Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bonbom Americano and Swirlz - Chicago!

Well now, for the sake of my blog and for my baking career I’m off to The windy city tomorrow to do some serious cupcake research! (That or I’m off on holidays and I'm going to fit that in at the same time!) I have been searching the net for recommended cupcake shops and have found some great ones that I’m dying to visit. The pictures alone are getting me so excited. This photo is of a selection of cupcakes in Bonbom Americano in Chicago. Ive decided that I’m defo gonna take loads of photos (if I’m allowed! I read on a blog this girl got in trouble for taking photos in a cupcake shop!) and use them as inspiration.

Oh too cute! More cupcakes at Bonbom Americano .....

Another Cupcake shop I just gotta hit....Swirlz.

Yep....defo reckon I could put one of these away no prob! I wonder how Gareth will do!! I'm starting to feel a cupcake eating competition coming on!! So watch this space for some cool shots of lots of Cupcakes and anything else cute and pink that I can find in the USA!!!!!!!!

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