Sunday, February 1, 2009

A romantic brekkie!!!

This wasn't exactly what I had for brekkie this morning but I think I should have, it would have been perfect brain food to keep me going while I work on a new project.....So I'm thinking.....I always have a Christmas tree(obviously!) and an Easter tree so why not a have a Valentines tree? I have these twigs in the hall with tiny fairy lights on it and I think it could look so cute all decorated for Valentines day! I'm thinking, pretty ribbon, felt heart shapes a bit of glitter....god there are so many possibilities. Ive been googling how to make little felt hearts and I have found templates etc so I reckon its time to get to work :) There are loads for sale on ETSY but then you miss all the fun of making them and decorating them from scratch! As its Sunday I'm really hoping ill find some shops open today to go and find supplies. Im heading into town so maybe the Dublin Woollen Mills...they have great ribbon I know that for sure. It would be great to find some cute little buttons too to sew onto the hearts....imagine little heart shaped ones??Oh too cute! x

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