Saturday, February 7, 2009

Keeping with the Valentines theme...

Well it was Wednesday(any excuse!!) plus I was going to visit Janey so I decided to bake a few little treats when I got home from school. I just wanted to make something that looked cute and I love bite size smackerels of anything :) I baked the mini cupcakes in a mini silicone tray I had bought at Christmas for mini mince pies. I know cupcakes is really the American term for our Fairy Cakes but I just love calling them cupcakes!! I decided on pink butter frosting, being the season of love and all things pink and red!! I just made regular frosting and added the tiniest bit of red food colouring. I then melted chocolate and set them in my heart silicone trays from IKEA. I then got busy piping.... I love love love piping...WHEN it works out!! If the frosting is too thick or you leave it sitting for a while its much harder to work with. When the heart chocolates set I placed them on top of the frosting. Delicious! I had plenty made in the end so I decided my work girls deserved a little bit of the love Thursday break time!

This is a picture of the chocolate version I also made....exact same idea but with chocolate frosting. For the pink hearts I melted white chocolate and added the tiniest bit of red food colouring again. Me and that red food colouring..........god it might not be such a great thing that Ive learned how to die things pink :) !!!!


  1. These were super tasty but even more cute!!!

    Janey xxx

  2. Very nice they were too!

    Fi xx

  3. Eh yum yum and yum where we're these on Friday??????