Thursday, February 19, 2009

Valentines Day Chicago Style !!

I reckon one of the best places to spend Valentines Day has to be the States...nobody celebrates occasions like the Americans!! I knew it would be brill to actually be there on the day but I was so excited to see the shop displays and all the goodies for sale in the shops...or stores as they say there!! This photo I took in Crate and Barrell, a lot of the Valentines goodies had been sold out at this stage but you can still see some of the cute things they had for sale just for the day that was in it....for example the red cupcake mix and the fab cupcake spatula but my favourite thing had to be the cupcake/brownie/hot chocolate stencils. They came in a packet of six and they will be just perfect to use with coco powder on top of a hot chocolate or with icing sugar on top of a brownie.

As they say on TV ........"And here is one I made earlier" he he! The perfect touch to a yum hot chocolate made just for my hubby :)

This is the display at Borders. Are they not just the cutest mixing bowls down the bottom left of the display? I was going to buy one but after I had bought a serious amount of home ware at Target and craft goodies at Michael's I seriously had no room whatsoever in my cases and to be honest I already have two different types of cute pink mixing bowls!

We went down to Chinatown...check out how they get into the spirit of Valentines day?!

Do you know what was soooo nice??? .... as we left out hotel on Valentines Day the doorman was giving out special treats......all day people were wishing us a "Happy Valentines Day" ...I'm just loving Americans. I was given a heart lolly and a chewy sweet, Gareth got some Hershey's kisses.

Now the best, and I mean the best thing was the treats on sale for Dogs!!!We went into this really cool pet shop looking for a pressie to bring back home to Betty and just look at the display........

Isnt it hard to believe these are for dogs!!!!

I really really wanted to try these myself :) Imagine...they even have cupcakes for dogs in America!!

I'm thinking my next project should be baking for animals...I totally reckon I could do it! Betty would be delighted LOL. So ...if I can give one recommendation on my blog for today its defo try spend a Valentines day in the States...its such fun :)

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