Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Finding a bargain in LIDL

Well I was on a mission to find Valentines bake ware to continue with my 'Valentines Baking'....I searched everywhere, Dunnes home, Penneys home, TK max, Debenhams, Home Store and More, Avoca, ETSY.......I walked the whole of Liffey Valley and Blanchardstown with no luck at all. I got home but was sill determined to find them somewhere.....I logged on Ebay and found some for sale in England, for a silicone 8 cup heart tray it was 16 euro including postage! I was delighted so I ordered away...happy happy me! I missed the postman on Friday so Monday I had a free class and headed straight down to pick it up in the post office. I was so excited to go home and bake :) On the way back I dropped into LIDL to pick up baking supplies and low and behold there for sale was four different types of Valentines Silicone Bakeware including the exact one I had just bought....and to top it off they were only 5 euro each!! Man I was a sick! Anyway I picked up more just in case and rang Janey straight away to see if she wanted some too :) Sure a girl can never have enough heart shaped baking supplies!! I actually got a text from our friend Arnie later that afternoon...he knows me so well...it was like an SOS text to get to LIDL !!

OK so do you see a difference of 11 euro??Me neither...actually can you guess which one was LIDL? Watch this space for some serious Valentines baking................. x

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