Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Heart Shaped Caramel Slices

As you can see I have been busy with my new purchases! I LOVE caramel slices and I have the best ever recipe that was given to me by my Nana. It’s a total secret! I have tried caramel slices all over the world but I swear none come close to my Nanas. She was always baking and I used to go and spend week ends with her and we would just bake the whole time. That is defo where I picked up the baking bug! The silicone baking trays are brill, it so easy to remove the baking. They are really bendy too so you can actually just peel off the mold. Mmmmm…….. I thinking next its gotta be some heart shaped brownies :)

Anybody for a cup of tea and a heart shaped caramel slice?


  1. I want it, I want it now! Even your tea is perfect are you sure we're sisters??

  2. Hey Iseult, I'll take the credit for the tea- mind you by the time the picture was taken the tea was cold!!! hahaha

  3. Oh what a waste, it looked like such a super cup and all!!