Monday, January 12, 2009

The Linenberry Sale (part two!!)

Well after the success I had the other day in the Linenberry sale I was feeling I had some unfinished buisness to attend to......!! In other words I had to go back lol! The fab distressed candle holder I bought was part of a set of three and I decided I just HAD to have the set! Luckily there were some left and I'm sooo glad cause they look totally gorgeous lit up with tealights and by the fire in my living room. While I was there I spied a beautiful Greengate floor mat but the only colour left was beige :( I asked if by any chance there were any pink ones left...there wasn't.....but then on Friday morning I got a text from Sharon saying she found one! Here it is in all its glory happy in its new home in my kitchen.Here is a close up as its hard to see just how cute it is....oh Im lovin' it :)

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  1. Totally jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    xxx janey