Monday, January 19, 2009

Will I bake or will I create??!

I was stuck in sick over the weekend and was feeling down in the dumps so decided I would cheer myself up but could'nt decide to bake or create so as you can see from the photo I decided to do both! I was multi tasking to the max with glue, glitter, paper and ribbon on one side of me and a wisk, flour and eggs on the other side! I had a few projects I needed to work frames, a new letter, a thank you card and I also wanted to bake a cake for some friends.

The kitchen was a disaster area but I think from the photo you can tell lots of fun was had! The frames turned out great and the cake was delicious, I was delighted with a job well done! Im not so sure Gareth was when he saw the bomb site! Ha!


  1. My goodness,you were busy!!Hope you're feeling better xx


  2. Well I wonder whose really to blame for the state of your kitchen it you or was it just a continuation from the bomb site I created there on saturday!hehehe

    janey xx