Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A present for Janey

Today I decided to 'make and do' AND bake - two of my favourite things! It being the last day of the holidays before school starts back tomorrow I decided to not spend the day snoozing! I wanted to bring something over to Janey who I am visiting tomorrow to say thanks for all the goodies she brought over on my birthday(See Me and Janey post). I know she loves my rocky road so I wanted to bake her some and at the same time present it really nicely, so it started with this.......a plain and boring jar which I picked up in Home Store and More yeaterday for 3.50 euro. I then decided to get to work with ribbon, glitter, stickers and card. A while later I was full of glue and glitter but the jar looked like this... ......way nicer if I may say so myself....
....Im actually lovin' that lil cupcake...
...one of my birthday cards was really cute so I cut it so I could fit it in the top of the jar . Now the jar was finished I had to get baking!! I made yummy rocky road with crunchie, digestives, walnuts, almonds and mallows. Mmmmm...I had to keep an eye on Gareth while I was taking this photo, I'm surprised his hand isnt in the shot actually Ha Ha!!
The finished product all put together...I nearly want to keep it :). Hope Janey loves it.

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