Thursday, January 8, 2009

The winning 5 aside team!!

Not the most glamerous photo but hey! The last week of school before the holidays we had a Female Teachers V's Students 5 aside soccer match in aid of The Laura Lynn Foundation. All spectators had to pay one euro to watch...oh god the shame of it !! For weeks the kids had been harassing us to take part and despite all intentions to get out of it they were actually having none of it!! Myself, Pauline, Alish, Joanne and Grainne endeed up being "The Team"....ha .....we tought we were gonna get whiped but we actually ended up doing the whiping!! We beat the girls 4 - 1 woohoooo !!! Who said us LADY teachers couldn't play soccer ?! Well if the teaching doesn't work out for us at least we have other options.....!

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