Friday, January 2, 2009

Sex and the City

Ok I know this sounds really sad but I think this was the second most exciting day of my life after my wedding day :). !! This was the day I won "best dressed lady" at a charity event for the release of the new Sex and the City movie in Dublin. I went with my favourite cousin Saoirse(pictured here 5 months pregnant, now mum to the gorgeous Riona), my life long friend Chloe and my girls from work, Sinead, Caitriona, Catherine, Teresa and Deirdre. It was such a blast. First we got to go and watch the movie, and were given a fab goodie bag on arrival (it had cool stuff in it like Newbridge Silverware, cd's, Sex and the City merchandise, chocolate....), we were also given popcorn and drinks on arrival but as you can see from the photo that wasnt enough and myself and Saoirse headed off to get Ben & Jerrys and got papped on the way back! We had to walk the red carpet and everything which was very exciting altogether! Afterwards we headed to the afterparty in the very cool and trendy "The Church". On arrival we were given free cosmopolitans, as every Sex and the City fan should obviously be seen drinking!! Then we had the most yummy canapes followed by delicious choccies! Then the prize giving started...this was hosted by Gerry Ryan...there were raffles for most prizes but then they announced there would be a best dressed prize and what do you know...I won it! They said out of the 500 ladies in attendance I most captured the essence of the Movie and the night, and that I looked like a younger version of Carrie (I was especially lovin' that bit lol!). I was called up on stage and interviewed about my outfit..I was so excited and shocked. I told the story of always wanting a pink tutu and searched the internet for ages eventually finding a shop that made childrens tutu's and that I contacted the gorgeous Julie from bejewleddessigns and after a few emails she was in the process of custom making me my tutu. It arrived a few weeks later in a big box full of pink paper and ribbons...heaven! The shoes were a gift from my Spanish friend Irene and the bag and shirt were bought in Spain. I was then presented with a huge hamper of girlie products :). The rest of the night we danced and partied and I had such nice complements from complete strangers, so many people came over to congratulate me. To top off all the excitment the next morning on Gerry Ryan's Radio show they were talking all about me and my outfit...I swear I'm a celeb in the making, posh eat your heart out, ha!!( I wish)!

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  1. Hey..omg lovin the blog!!i never knew u were SOOOO should sell ur stuff online!the sex and city story is great love your outfit!I cant believe the stuff you can make Nula your amazing!
    Where did u get the pink chicks?lol I was only saying to my mam yesterday that when i was a kid i always remember one easter she made me and easter basket with loads of goodies in it and she is going to make one for my niece katie...I also love the baking skills!Nigella eat your heart out haha!you'll have to give me some recipes..
    LOVE the blog keep up the good work!!:)xxxxx Carol.