Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Valentines truffles

OK so myself and Janey decided to try and make Valentines/Heart was was harder than we expected though! We got a recipe off the net and headed down to Superquinn, Finn in the baby seat and everything ha! We got back and set to work...we did everything the instructions said but we decided we knew better and added more cream than they said! :) We poured the mixture into the mold and put it into the freezer...and ...hours later it still hadn't set! So annoying!! Me not being one to give up easily I decided yesterday to give it another go. I got a different recipe off the net, less cream this time though! The ones pictured on the web page I got the recipe from were so cute with a pink chocolate topping so I set to work again... to make the topping I had to melt white chocolate and add a tiny bit of red food colouring, then pour it into the bottom of the mold. This time they turned out way better, as in they set properly and you could just pop them out of the mold but I don't think they tasted as nice as the previous mixture. Actually all the recipe's say to use dark chocolate but I think milk chocolate with a little bit of dark chocolate is way nicer.Well this is how they turned out in the end. They look so cute I just gotta make another batch for valentines day :). After this batch I then tried out the Avoca recipe but I knew straight away it was a softer mixture so there was no point in putting it in the mold. I toasted some nuts and mixed it in with the chocolate mixture, then took little scoops and rolled them into balls. Some I coated with coca powder and some with nuts. My ever faithful taster Gareth gave them the thumbs up! I'm gonna bring a selection of them into the girls in work tomorrow and maybe brighten their Thursday :)

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  1. Actually I think these look even nicer! x x x x