Monday, January 5, 2009

Me and Janey

This is my friend Janey...she is responsible for introduced me to the world of blogging , ETSY and the world of crafting/scrapping/picture making and card making. She is the best :)...mind you I dont know if Gareth would agree going on the amount I have spent on Etsy in the first week I have known about it!!!He he! She is Australian and married to my friend Peter and together they have the cutest son ever - little Finn Crosbie. She is an interior designer and since I have known her I have been busy getting back to my arty side of making and doing..its such fun. She shows me new ways of doing things all the time, she is major creative and has such an eye for detail and can pull things together a the drop of a hat. Today she gave me the most amazing birthady pressies...(yes pressies as in plural!) she gave me about ten different things, actually even Betty got a Nulas Birthday pressie...a pink crown bed! Anyway one of my pressies is this beautiful picture, she made it so gorgeous. She has been showing me how to make them so watch this space... lol! Anyway more about ETSY...well its a web site where everything for sale is home made, which means lots of originals and things you will never ever find in regular shops. Since last week I have bought so many things! I even got my birthday pressie from Gareth on it...see the post on "My Birthday Dress". Birthdays are such fun...yipeeeeeeeeeeee x


  1. Nula, Happy Birthday today!!!!!!!!!!Congratulations on your fabulous blog,it looks amazing,(good job Gareth) ha! As you can see I'm going to be a regular visitor here. Thanks for posting about me...or though I'm not sure why???
    Janey xxx

  2. Ha Janey your so funny!Why would I not post about you your my inspiration!!!Busy here working on a NEW project and its 3:02 in the morning!! Got a lot of work to do on my blog...maybe it will happen tomorrow lol! xxx